We at Wealth Tracer have assisted more than 50 customers and helped them recover about Rs 2.5 crore worth of shares and dividend for about 100 different companies from IEPF Authority.
We have also recovered about Rs.3 crore worth of shares are dematerialized after the process of Transmission,
Duplicate shares issue and KYC updation for about 50 claimants and for more than 150 different companies.

Your Trusted

Our Vision

“We will strive to provide the most valued service for all our customers and claimants”
Our mission is to provide the claim service to claimants all over the country and help the investors to recover more than Rs.100 crores worth assets by next three years


We had approached Mr Janardhan Bhat and Mr Vittal Raya Pai, Wealth Tracers, I Floor, Asha Chandra Trade Centre Udupi, on behalf of my grandmother, Ms Niramala Pai, Kundapura for legal and documentation services. Due to sudden demise of my Grandfather, Mr Keshav Pai, for many issues related to his investment in stocks got stuck. They managed the whole process of documentation for the share claim and supported us.
The claim process was completed as promised by them ahead of the schedule and with minimum hurdles and reasonable fee. I am writing this letter as a humble note of appreciation for the ethics and outstanding Client Service by them and thanking a Ton.
Thank you once again for all that you have done for me and I/ we, certainly would recommend you and your firm to anyone who would need similar services.
Wish you all the best with for your future endeavours.

Girish Shenoy Tonse
Head of software,CONTINENTAL, Sector Conbitech
I had invested in some companies long back and forgot the investment due to my busy schedule and there was no communication from the companies due to my transferable Job. After my retirement, WealthTracer team approached me and I engaged them to trace and recover my shares and unclaimed dividends. All the Processing is being Done Promptly, Correctly and Empathetically in my Best Interests and for Safe Guarding My Interests from time to time since my initiation with them w.e.f. June 2020. They have helped and interacted with me through, Correspondence, Telephone Calls, e-mails etc. From time to time and are continuing to do so! Their methods are Professional, Punctual, Caring, Empathetic and Helpful. They are Client Centric! They are Knowledgeable, Expressive, Enthusiastic, Friendly and Humble! I offer to them my Best Wishes for Delivering S.M.A.R.T. Results. Wealth tracers made a great difference in reclaiming shares for me and I would recommend their services to whoever may need with professional approach.
Dr Chowdari Prasad, PhD (h.c.)