We have always been guided to invest and forget, we need to correct that now: “Invest and forget but keep the details updated”. There are abundant cases when one buys some shares and due to untimely death or disease loses track of the investment and forgets to tell their successors, according to The Companies Act, 2016 the shares whose dividends are unclaimed for a consecutive period of 7 years are transferred to a government authority called IEPF (Investor Education and Protection Fund) Authority. For claiming any of these shares, the applicant needs to file an application with the IEPF Authority along with the necessary documents, Recoversy helps in speedy and hassle-free recovery from the IEPF Authority.


Hundreds of crores are lying unclaimed in the form of the redemption amount of mutual funds. We provide service in the redemption of Mutual Fund which remains unclaimed due to some reasons. Mismatch of name/change of name Change of address Death of mutual fund holder. Closure of bank account Mismatch of signature Even if you don’t have details of your mutual fund, but you remember the name of Mutual Funds houses where investment is made, we can assist in the retrieval of information and recovery of those unclaimed mutual funds. If the mutual fund redemption amount or dividend amount remains unclaimed for 3 years, it will be considered unclaimed and invested by Mutual Fund Houses in the money market. And if it remains unclaimed for another 10 years, it is transferred to Senior Citizen Welfare Fund, from where normally it cannot be claimed after 25 years.


We at Wealth tracer have franchises with Angel One and MOSL for opening DEMAT and TRADING ACCOUNTS and train  investors to trade online whoever is interested. Also we provide Mutual Fund investment services for most of the fund houses for investors.


Transmission of shares at times is hugely cumbersome and runs into many legal complications. We help our clients by providing services relating to the entire range of transmission of shares. A few common issues that we come across frequently are as follows: Mixing up the transfer of shares with the transmission of shares: One of the widely- experienced problems is not to find out the difference between transfer and transmission of shares. The Companies Act clearly distinguishes transmission of shares from the transfer of shares. While the transfer of shares relates to a voluntary act of the shareholder, the transmission is brought about by the operation of law. Unlike the transfer of shares, in case of transmission, shares are transferred without any consideration. The transmission takes place on the basis of will or an agreement.


Loss of Share Certificates: Sometimes share certificates are lost due to an unfortunate circumstance. If you have lost your share certificates, there is a very high chance that you may not be able to recover the value of those shares as the shares can be sold only in electronic form. At Wealth Tracer, we help you recover those duplicate certificates in your or your company’s name and can make your efforts of getting your possessions back easy and hassle-free with reasonable service charges.
Understanding Unclaimed Dividend: Companies declare dividends on shares annually and when these dividends are ‘unclaimed’ by the shareholder for a consecutive period of 7 years, they are transferred to IEPF Account. As an investor, you are allowed to claim your unclaimed dividends even after the shares have been transferred to the IEPF account.  
When and How You Can Get Help From us? There are numerous affected investors of unclaimed dividends even after the government’s constant efforts to ensure the security of unclaimed dividends, deposits, debentures, split shares, bonuses, etc. If you are also one of the sufferers of problems regarding unclaimed dividends, you don’t need to worry. We are always here to provide you complete assistance. We will help you to recover the unclaimed dividends and shares and from Mutual funds.